5 Ways To Put A Smile On Her Face

Women are really not that complicated. Yes, we want to feel loved, appreciated, and need attention (…we basically are puppies lol), but really it’s not that hard, it just takes a little time and effort.

I know life gets in the way sometimes. Our attention is being pulled in so many directions. We’ve all seen the articles about “putting your phone down” and “living in the moment.” Time is valuable. Now more than ever, I think that is a very important skill and habit to be aware of what needs your attention the most… especially with our relationships.

If you struggle with thinking of ways to brighten her day, let me help list just a few simple (and some even FREE) things that you can try!

1) Go On A Walk Together

Not only is this free, you also get to talk and spend time together. You can even bring the kids if you have any, or pets, or go just go alone and enjoy the quality time. Find new places to go… trails, state parks, beach, lakes… look up new ideas! You can make it a new fun adventure. If you don’t have a lot of time… just walk somewhere local or around your neighborhood even. Make the most of your time together.

2) Make Her Dinner

It doesn’t have to be for any occasion. Just do it. And put a little thought into it. Make her something she likes. It doesn’t even have to be something fancy. Women appreciate the fuck out of this! Don’t you like it when someone makes you food. Well, we do too. The thoughtfulness goes a long way, and it’s usually cheaper than going out and can even be more romantic.

3) Get Her Flowers

Even if she says “she hates flowers.” I’ve said this myself in the past. Trust me. We don’t. My wife sent me flowers to my work, and I definitely was surprised and couldn’t stop smiling the entire day. I’m not saying you have to do that. Hand them to her. Set them up at home. Put it in her car. It doesn’t have to be a $100 arrangement, even the on sale ones (that look decent) at your local grocery store work. Women love flowers.


4) Hold Her Hand In Public

I know some people already do this but I swear I see less and less couples out holding hands. I never understood why. I love seeing older couples in their 70’s and 80’s out in public still holding hands. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s a simple way to show you care. Some people aren’t as into PDA as myself but also a nice butt slap is always fun too.

5) Hand Write A Note

This one doesn’t happen often anymore in the digital age, but it’s my personal favorite. Put down the phone text messages and write her a cute note. Tell her you love her and why. Write something funny. Whatever you want to do. Put it in her lunch. Put it on her car. Leave it at home on the counter. Any way you do it, you can’t go wrong with a cute note.

All the things I wrote in here actually can go both ways, so women step up your game too because men need spoiled sometimes too!

Whether you are a man or a woman, if you’re in a relationship and want to show you care or do something special, that is wonderful. There are a million ways to do this. Just put a little thought into it, and your partner will appreciate the effort. It’s worth it!