Week 1 Vegan Update

Some might have to transition slower and be more specific. Some can probably do it quicker. But this is what I felt would work best for myself. Adjust it for your own needs if you are going to try the switch as well!

As promised here are my 5 Phases to Veganism!

1) No red meat (Beef, bison, elk, etc.). No turkey. Minimize chicken & dairy.

2) Eliminate chicken as well. Switch all regular sources of dairy to alternatives. Include trace amounts as by products of dairy.

3) Limit dairy to trace amounts. Start minimizing fish and eggs.

4) No dairy. Limit eggs to egg whites only. Fish only up to 2 days per week.

5) All plant-based.

The chart above shows a lot of different options for plant-based food types, in case you are struggling with the question “what can I eat?” There are really a TON of different foods. It may take some time and research but it can really be fun to get a little creative in the kitchen with it. Try all different kinds of recipe. It is so easy now to find information and recipes online. There really is no excuse!

I don’t particularly agree with the recommended amounts above. I would suggest researching about calories and macro consumption and figure out what will work best for you. Everyone is different.

This is also a good chart to show different protein sources from a vegan diet.

Any questions or if there are other things you’d like me to expand on or talk about, please reach out to me on social media any time!