2017 Women’s Pro Am Meet Recap & Life Stuff

I am a transparent person. I don’t filter myself or hide my feelings well at all. When I have tried to in the past (probably thinking I did a good job), everything just fell apart. So now I’m pretty much an open book. Some people may love me for it, others may criticize me for it… but this is truly me.

I was recently let go of my Digital Media Specialist job at a local radio station of 7 years on the day I was leaving for vacation exactly 4 days before my meet. This is not a “pity-me” story though… Could I have turned it into one? Absolutely. I could be upset that I just bought a house. That I was let go without any real valid reason. That my actual boss didn’t even talk to me about it but a manager did. That it was literally right before my meet. The list could go on. Life always throws us curve-balls and learning to handle these is just a part of growing up.

In all honesty, I wasn’t even really that upset when they told me that they were terminating my position. The manager was actually more shaken up than me. To his surprise, I wasn’t emotional I just calmly asked if there was anything I did wrong, anything I could’ve done better, what he believed I was good at, and what he thought I should be doing. That is important information moving forward. Nothing but good things were said. I’m sure it doesn’t always go that way in exit interviews. I’m not saying this to toot my own horn, but looking back I’m very proud of how it went and how I handled myself. Yes, I was still scared initially. Losing that kind of stability can be scary, but I know that everything is going to work out the way it should. I’m excited to move on to bigger and better things that are in the works. That wasn’t the long-term place for me, and I knew that deep down so this is just going to force me to make some decisions sooner rather than later which isn’t a bad thing!

Going into my meet and talking with my coach, we had a plan. That plan was to get what we could, hopefully hit a PR or two and walk away healthy to be able to train and build on my numbers (marathon not a sprint). I knew this so I didn’t expect crazy PRs that I’m used to getting at meets. Of course, I want to progress forward but like I said in my other post – sometimes you have to take a step backwards to be able to move 2 steps forward.

I have said it before that there is nothing like the Women’s Pro Am and I 100% mean it. Laura Phelps-Sweatt puts on amazing meets and this one is extraordinary to say the least. The energy that day was unreal. There were so many amazing record-holding competitors, and I feel honored to lift with everyone that day. This meet sold out in seconds and became so big that they had to turn it into a 2-day event for the first time ever. This was the 1st ever Pro meet I have competed in (hopefully not the last) and what an amazing experience it was!

Starting with squat, I got a 10lb PR (360lbs) with some room to spare. My squat has come a long way since I started training with Swede. I’m able to stay more upright in the hole without sacrificing my back to try to power through on heavy squats. It was great to still feel good after squats for the rest of the meet.

Next comes bench. If you know me, you know this isn’t my favorite of lifts. I have good and bad days and unfortunately it wasn’t my day. My first 2 benches (170lbs, 185lbs) felt great but I was pausing them lower than usual so on my 3rd I tried to correct that a little and just felt off with the power from my chest so I failed on my 195lbs attempt – still would’ve been 5lbs less than my best (200lbs). Swede and I plan on working on this more and already have a plan to help with my sticking point and technique on handling heavier weight.

On to the always best part of the meet – deadlift 🙂 haha! I always can’t wait for this to begin. The weight felt AMAZING in the warmup room. Everything flew. I made my 1st 2 with ease – 390, 420. Swede told me that I would have to fight for 450 but he thought I could do it.

Looking back at the video, I was really happy with the speed. It moved actually faster than at the XPC Finals. The only problem I had was that my thumb slipped on my right, over-hand so if you look at the video head on the bar is crooked because I held it completely in my finger tips! I know some people might look back and say it wasn’t locked out but I can guarantee you that I was standing completely erect with my hips, my right shoulder was just not pulled back in an exaggerated manner. I got the lift with 2 whites. And next time, it’s going to be a lot easier when my thumb decides to stay on the bar lol!

Check out the full meet video below.

I’m hard on myself (trust me – we all are) so I was a little disappointed that I totaled 5lbs less than my last meet but I know the bigger picture, and that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

Now my coach and I know what I need to do and work on. I am 100% healthy and able to do so, which is the best part! Now is time to build and put in the work!








  1. You’re so talented and hard working, you’ll be on to bigger and better things in no time! Had so much fun competing alongside you! 😘

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