Here we go!

Now a days everyone has a website, blog or writes articles… some form of getting their information or stories out there. I even help people create and mange them. I read them. Some I like. Others not so much. But regardless, overall I definitely find them as a positive thing for people to do, but never have had my own personal one. Why?

As much as I post on social media, it’s still hard for me to really put myself “out there” or make myself so vulnerable that my words could be used against me. Sure, I share on Facebook and Instagram, but I try not to “over-share” and I catch myself holding back sometimes on topics I’d like to open up more about. I also don’t want to post dumb content “just to post”… or be viewed as attention-seeking… or even come across as anything special because I have my own blog that I want people to read… the negative lists goes on.

So unfortunately (as you can see) I usually talk myself out of way too many things in life for the fear of how others will perceive me and when it comes down to it… people are going to think, perceive, judge, and feel however they want to, and there’s nothing I or anyone can do about it. I’ve also found that majority, and true people that you want surrounding you are going to like and support you, so I’m trying to make it a habit to give less fucks and really just do what I want.

I want to help people the most and best ways that I can in my life – whether that be through powerlifiting, weight loss, training, designing logos, or my own personal life experiences. I mean I’ve went through a lot of shit, that I’m sure a lot of other people have struggled with as well, and I’m also proud of my accomplishments in life so far… I was over-weight in high school and lost over 50lbs my senior year of high school. I have dealt with body image issues my entire life, like a lot of other women do no matter what size they are. I’ve been lifting since I got out of high school, found Crossfit in my late 20’s, then powerlifting in my early 30’s and became a nationally-ranked powerlifter in my weight class within a year of competing. I struggled with my own religious beliefs and sexuality growing up. I’ve dealt with alcohol and major anxiety issues. I’m divorced from a man that I was with for over 10 years, married for 6, and now happily married to a woman for the past almost year. These are just some… but you get the idea.

Close friends/family may know some of these things about me, and although I don’t really go out of my way to hide things on social media, I also don’t really talk much about it. But I do believe some of these topics could truly help people who are going through similar issues. Maybe writing about it could make a bigger impact… and that is just my hope in starting this. That or at least I can give people a good smile or laugh from time to time. So I hope you follow me on my first blog journey!

And if anyone has any ideas or questions they are interested in me talking about please feel free to comment/DM me on social media or e-mail at!